I create images that are driven by circumstances, images that thrive within clear boundaries. 

Similar to an audience gazing through the proscenium, I am drawn to one clear point of focus within the frame and the surrounding layers that texturize the subject.

Each of these circumstances unlock a deeper investigation.

After identifying the formal structures that motivate the impulse to capture the initial image, I use the same compositional principles to reimagine, reconstruct, and recontextualize the same subject and space.

With each image, we share in this experience of (re)discovery.

Sometimes, the moment can only be contained by that singular image.

In others, I highlight a larger series of moments that bleed into each other and form a deeper consideration of form, space, and balance.

I strive to make each photograph a performance, a conscious set of choices, a nod to my background as a dancer. 

I believe we create our own pictures. They are not taken.